Add iSCSI drive to a system

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/21/2008 in filer, iscsi, netapp |

We’re moving from one netapp to a newer one. Previously, I’ve dealt with NFS mounts, rsyncing them, then unmounting the old NFS share and mounting the new one. The process for iSCSI drives is a little different because they aren’t mounted via NFS. I started out by logging into the SuSE 9.3 box and editing […]

Show mounted filesystems on a Netapp

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/21/2008 in filer, mount point, netapp, nfs, showmount |

We’re working on moving from an old Netapp to a new Netapp. Before doing so, we need to make sure that no systems have any mount points on the old filer still mounted. On a regular/unix nfs server, you would login to the box and run “showmount -a” which queries the mount daemon. The netapp […]

DNS Resolver

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/19/2008 in dns, perl |

I had a list of domains that needed their MX records updated. I first wanted to make sure that our DNS servers were authoritative for those zones. I used Perl and the Net::DNS CPAN module to figure out the NS records for each domain. [text] #!/usr/bin/perl use Net::DNS; my $resolver = Net::DNS::Resolver->new; my $query = […]

Setting up IronRuby

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/15/2008 in .net, ironruby, microsoft, ruby |

I’m playing around with learning some Microsoft technologies to broaden my knowledge base. I figured I’d start with Ruby, as it’s something I sort of already know and gives me visibility into Microsoft tools. From my research, Microsoft is working on a project called IronRuby. To get started, I’m following the directions here.

Tcl version of ucfirst

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/13/2008 in perl, tcl, ucfirst |

The load balancers we use at work have a TCL command line interface. A co-worker needed a TCL function written that would take a string as input and return the string transformed so that the first letter was upper case and the rest were lower case. There is a built in string function called toupper […]

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