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Posted by Jason Noble on 08/21/2008 in filer, mount point, netapp, nfs, showmount |

We’re working on moving from an old Netapp to a new Netapp. Before doing so, we need to make sure that no systems have any mount points on the old filer still mounted.

On a regular/unix nfs server, you would login to the box and run “showmount -a” which queries the mount daemon. The netapp systems don’t offer the showmount command though.

I found a mailing list article that explained you can run “showmount -a XYZ” where XYZ is the hostname/ip of your netapp filer.

roadrunner:~ # showmount -a
All mount points on
roadrunner:~ #

Now I know what hosts I need to check before deprovisioning this Netapp.

Update: From the article, I missed the caveat. NFS is stateless, so some unix hosts could still have the system mounted, but not actively use the mount.

As suggested, I turned the nfs.per_client_stats.enable bit on, and now I’ll just wait and see who is actively using the Netapp.

netapp> options nfs
nfs.netgroup.strict off
nfs.per_client_stats.enable off
nfs.require_valid_mapped_uid off
netapp> options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on
netapp> nfsstat -l <hostname unknown> NFSOPS = 6 ( 0%) mailhost NFSOPS = 8 ( 0%)

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