Cruise control.rb refusing to build a project

Posted by Jason Noble on 12/02/2009 in cruise control.rb, git |

I ran into an interesting problem at work today. I had a cruise control project that would not build the project after a commit was made. Other projects in CruiseControl.rb were working properly.

Here’s the steps I used to debug:

Login to your Cruise Control box and cd to $BUILD_DIR/projects/$PROJ_NAME/work

Run the following command. This is how CC.rb figures out if updates have been made.
[plain]git log –pretty=raw –stat HEAD..origin/master[/plain]
When I ran this command, I was getting “warning: refname ‘origin/master’ is ambiguous.” returned. After some google searches, I landed upon some mailing list messages that pointed me towards the issue.

The reason git was complaining about origin/master being ambiguous was that someone created a tag named “origin/master” (the beating has been scheduled).

I had to delete this tag locally by running the following command.
[plain]git tag -d origin/master[/plain]
Then I had to delete the remote branch by running the following.
[plain]git push origin :refs/tags/origin/master[/plain]
Now the CC server is working properly.

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