Parameter Lists Rubocop

Posted by Jason Noble on 02/19/2015 in rubocop, ruby, Uncategorized

Rubocop is a Ruby static code analyzer. Rubocop utilizes a number of style rules, which it calls “Cops”, hence the name. I picked a cop at random, and wanted to see what it looks for in my Ruby code. So let’s take a look at Parameter Lists Here I’m going into my practice directory and […]


Updating requested_by for a bunch of Pivotal Tracker stories

Posted by Jason Noble on 07/18/2013 in Pivotal Tracker, ruby

I recently imported a bunch of stories into Pivotal Tracker via the Import CSV function. This worked like a charm, the problem was I wanted all the stories to be requested by a different user than what was in the CSV file. I could use the web browser to do this, but that would take […]

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Mysql 5.6.12 and mysql2 ruby gem 0.3.12

Posted by Jason Noble on 07/16/2013 in mysql, ruby

I recently updated my Homebrew install and installed the latest mysql (brew update && brew upgrade mysql) to 5.6.12. However, when I tried to upgrade my mysql2 gem from 0.3.11 to 0.3.12, I was getting the following error: After some googling and stack overflow answers that didn’t help, I ran across #20788, which referenced 9dd1c38 […]

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Rails3 Custom Environment Variables

Posted by Jason Noble on 02/14/2011 in ruby, ruby on rails

I recently saw a question on Stack Overflow regarding custom variables that have different values based on which environment you are running for Rails. It turns out it’s very easy to accomplish. This gives you access to a Rails variable called Configuration.json_url. Now we just need to initialize this value in our environment files. Now […]


Making TextMate recognize .html.erb files

Posted by Jason Noble on 09/21/2008 in ruby, ruby on rails, textmate

I’m using TextMate to edit some Ruby on Rails code. I noticed that when I edit the view pages (i.e. index.html.erb) it does not do syntax highlighting. It turns out this is because the Ruby on Rails TextMate bundle thinks that ruby view pages are .rhtml, which is the old Ruby on Rails format. You […]


Installing Ruby on Rails in FreeBSD with Postgres

Posted by Jason Noble on 09/02/2008 in FreeBSD, postgres, ruby, ruby on rails

After setting up a minimal FreeBSD install, I want to get Ruby on Rails up and running. Let’s see what’s available in the ports tree. The ruby-gems port looks promising. Let’s install it. The install requires ruby to be installed, so it installs that for us (if it’s not currently installed). I enabled RDOC and […]


Setting up IronRuby

Posted by Jason Noble on 08/15/2008 in .net, ironruby, microsoft, ruby

I’m playing around with learning some Microsoft technologies to broaden my knowledge base. I figured I’d start with Ruby, as it’s something I sort of already know and gives me visibility into Microsoft tools. From my research, Microsoft is working on a project called IronRuby. To get started, I’m following the directions here.

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